Saturday, 9 March 2013

So, I didn't actually post this when I wanted to ... I had Photobucket issues that made me shout, close the laptop, then forget about it entirely. So I'm backdating it. It's kind of cheating. But here it is!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. My own Mum is pretty poorly this weekend, suffering from a flu kind of thing, so I'm not going to be able to see her this weekend. That doesn't stop me from thinking about her though. So, warning in advance: this may well be a very soppy post!

Apologies for poor pic quality - it turns out a scanned photo downloaded from Facebook and re-uploaded doesn't come out that great!

I'm thankful for my Mum (and Dad, of course). For the years of loving me, worrying for me, caring for me. Supporting me through tough times, being patient with me when I turned into a monster, forgiving me when I came back again.

I'm thankful for her for teaching me how to cook. For letting me watch her. For years of letting me crack eggs and grate cheese and stir, even though it must have taken about ten times longer than if she did it herself. Now I love to cook, and sometimes when I make a bolognese or a white sauce it makes me smile to think that instinct comes from her.

I'm thankful for her and Dad for taking me on adventures. For letting me take risks. For teaching me early how to love being outdoors. For taking me on camping trips and letting me wake up early with a friend, the smell of damp grass up my nose, ready to run to the play park and dangle off the climbing frames. Those memories of sunset beach walks and long car journeys are among my favorites.

I'm thankful that she always made sure I had what I needed. I'm thankful that she taught me to be aware of what I have. To take care of my things. To appreciate everything.

I'm thankful that she taught me the importance of family. I see her now, how she cares for all three of her daughters, how she welcomes us in and cooks for us and makes sacrifices for us still, and it reminds me of the kind of person I want to be.

Now I have a little life growing in me. What started as a whisper has fast outgrown being a secret. The way my body is growing and the first movements that started just this week, a soft, feathery tickling in my belly, reminds me constantly that someone is on the way, someone that is going to sweep into my life and change everything.

I pray for the baby and I wonder about it. Why did it start moving? Is it awake now? Does it have hiccups? How is it growing and changing today? And I realise the craziness that is mother-love and sacrifice, and how it must never end, even when a long time has passed and those babies have grown up and left home.

So I'm very thankful this Mothers' Day. For the goodness of God and the miracle that is carrying a child. For our families, who are gathering, speculating, excited.  And for my Mum, who has taught me well.

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