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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Which song popped into your head when you read the title of this post: the song from Willy Wonka or the song from High School Musical 3? Mine was the first. I'm keeping it old school. ;)

I'm actually posting before work this morning! I've figured out an ingenious solution to my current state of collapse after work in the evenings ... try and get anything done that involves using my brain in the mornings. In theory, I'm supposed to have more energy and my posts should be more focused because I have a time limit. Let's see if this actually works out or not.

Last time, I posted about how you see God in the midst of the mundane. How you connect with Him and see life as a blessing from Him when your life is filled with chores and work. Today I want to talk a bit about another pain-in-the-bum area of life:


Before I start I want to say this. I have two perspectives on money depending on my current mood (and, more tellingly, whether or not I'm in line with God's thinking or not). I can see the amount of money/the financial position we are in as a blessing, a miracle, a gift. I can thank God for food in my cupboards and a roof above my head.

If I'm feeling kind of worldly though, I'll see it from a worldly point of view. So, no, we don't have enough. How come I work hard and get paid so little? How come we're possibly never going to be able to buy our own home? How come I can't ... etc, etc.

My question to myself today is: does it really matter?

Does it matter that I can't afford to go clothes shopping very much? That my sofas don't match? That all our furniture is second hand? Does it matter, even, that I can't afford a car? A mortgage?

Ultimately ... no. It doesn't. It doesn't matter what the world says. It doesn't matter what people around me might think. What matters, ultimately, is that I am in line with God. That I follow His plan for my life. What matters is family. What matters is a Godly marriage. What matters is slowing down and appreciating life and thanking God for His blessings.

Sometimes I pray for things all I hear is silence ... other times, I pray for something and God blesses us out of the blue with a miracle. Why? I don't know. Maybe a mortgage isn't for me ... what is for me, however, is better. If I follow God's plan for my life, I can't guard against fear of the unknown, or potential pain. I can rest, however, knowing that His ideas are way better than mine.

That's all I wanted to say this morning. I wanted to remind myself. See God's rich blessings in everything ...



  1. Amen, love it and I think you should definitely write in the morning more :) Oh and by the way, the song that popped into my head was Queen!!!

    1. No way. I didn't think of Queen! It's amazing how many songs there are for different phrases. ;) xx


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